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The Personal Page of Sudip Chatterjee
My Qualifications:
B.Sc.(Biochemistry) - Aberdeen U., P.G.C.E - Manchester U.,
M.I.Biol (Microbiology) - MMU, M.B.A (M.I.S) - Dallas U.


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All About Me

I am an experienced Educator with a strong IT background.  I can identify and successfully address both strategic issues and complex systems problems. I enjoy intellectual challenges. I can communicate new objectives and gain enthusiastic commitment to expanding and augmenting corporate and personal action programmes.

I also have an in depth understanding of PC based systems, particularly work station environments, with ‘hands on’ experience of networking issues, a detailed knowledge of  high and low level languages and the operating systems currently used in Education and commercial sectors.

My previous role was working with Manchester City Council as an Education Development Officer.

Hobbies and Interests:

I am interested in Current Affairs and Community Voluntary involvement.
I have played Badminton and Table-Tennis to local league level.
I like watching videos and films as light entertainment and for relaxation purposes.

My Family

My wife is interested in Fine-arts and is a qualified beauty-therapist.
My son is looking to build a career in Film Making.

This is my other son: